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Roboze designs and manufactures the world’s most accurate 3D printers for producing parts with super polymers and composite materials to replace metals in industries with extreme working conditions.

The main goal is to shape a new paradigm in digital manufacturing: Roboze Distributed Manufacturing that connects demand with supply, creating a distributed production model, which allows to produce avoiding waste, reducing shipments and CO2 emissions, bringing production back to the point of use.

Our Strategy and Business Model

Roboze is replacing metal parts, helping companies to cut costs, time and emissions. Roboze produces parts using super polymers and composites through its patented 3D printing technology leveraging a customer centric business model utilizing subscription and a manufacturing as a service marketplace.

Roboze 3D printing technology for super polymers and composites helps the world’s manufacturing companies make their production processes more efficient and develop cutting-edge products.

Roboze technology ecosystem comprises:

  • Patented “beltless” tech to print the most repeatable parts, wherever.
  • Roboze process optimized super polymers and composites
  • Cloud-based Printers management software which ensures use of Roboze materials

Thanks to this technological evolution in the 3D printing, the company has created Roboze Distributed Manufacturing, the new production and logistics model that brings 3D printing to the world of customized manufacturing.

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Alliance One Oilfield

Alliance One Oilfield is a leading oilfield supply, service, and support company based in Houston, Texas. Here at Alliance One Oilfield we provide a variety of products and services to meet our clients needs.

Our Strategy starts with our Mission, which is consistency. It declares our commitment as a business and serves as the standard against which we continually benchmark ourselves to … Be the best supply, service and support company … Be safe in what we do … Make a difference.

Design & Engineering

Alliance One Oilfield has extensive experience of the preliminary ground work for any project. We can provide full support in all the front end areas by developing concepts, solutions, project budgets, sourcing strategies, and project philosophies. Our team can provide support wherever it’s needed whether that be at our facilities or your office.

  • Front end engineering and design (FEED) to provide cost effective solutions.
  • Design, structural, mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical capabilities.
  • Engineering software knowledge includes ANSYS, STADD Pro, MathCAD, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, and more.
  • Engineering work designed in accordance with QHSE, IS0 9001 and approved by certifying authorities ABS, DNV, GL, etc.
  • Fit for purpose focused solutions on time sensitive packages.
  • Provide years of experience and an extensive track record of significant engineering projects.

Supply Chain

Alliance One Oilfield is a supplier of equipment. We can build our standard product range and or equipment designed and built to meet clients exact needs. Alliance One Oilfield management have over 100 years of combined experience in the design, build and supply of handling systems.

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Nova Space

Setting the space industry standard for professional development our leadership team combines passion with experience to build a unique company like none other. Our Digital Courses offer training for teams and individuals ready to further competency, increase efficiency, and create a better working environment for space professionals.

Fully equip your team with the knowledge needed to become industry leaders as the space technology future becomes reality. Professional development takes on a new dynamic with educational solutions to team learning that allow your employees to independently further their careers while empowering your team

Nova Space Inc.’s workforce training solutions will augment your formal or informal on-the-job training efforts with virtual, self-paced and interactive space professional courses to standardize the level of space knowledge across your organization quickly and effectively.

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Aksum Marine Industries

Aksum Marine is a privately-owned company specializing in manufacturing of armored and special purpose watercraft units.

Aksum Marine aims to serve national militaries, special naval forces, NGOs, coastguards, and security companies around the globe to ensure fast water transportation in conflict-prone locations and life-threatening situations, in addition to safe environments in inland and coastal waters internationally.

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Inkas Armored Vehicles

For almost three decades, INKAS® Armored Manufacturing has designed and manufactured a wide range of bulletproof SUVs, special purpose armored vehicles as well as other professional vehicles. Servicing countless governmental bodies, law enforcement agencies and private clients on a global scale – INKAS® is a true leader in its field and continues to innovate with every vehicle that leaves its production floor.

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