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Our Unique Strategy

Cave Holdings is a management and investment firm that owns and partners with direct service businesses in related industries including energy, manufacturing, construction, security, logistics, and telecommunications.

It is through our diversification of services, ownership and partnership that enables Cave Holdings to offer its clients services across a spectrum of industries. Our flexibility and range provides a seamless one-stop shop across industries with the capability to design and stand up turn-key solutions, manufacture to the highest standards, and deliver high-quality products and services quickly and at low cost. Cave Holding’s international reach through its multiple subsidiaries and partnerships gives it a flexibility to provide products and services around the world through multiple markets and redundant sources. Our innovative approach to developing services for clients in harsh and austere environments enables us to operate efficiently and effectively in conditions few companies can. Broad vision, capabilities, and reach make Cave Holdings unique in its approach to enabling our clients to succeed.

Our Goals after a Decade

Cave Holdings was formed with a strategic vision to bring together, under one roof, multiple business entities each with its own individual specialty and to align them to provide integrated, synergistic capability while maintaining industrial flexibility to break past boundaries to provide complete solutions to customers quickly and with more versatility than previously possible. With continuous operations since 2011, the development of Cave Holdings has taken a decade to grow itself for today’s market.

Our vision continues to develop and expand as the world moves into an era that is defined by new frontiers of technology and advancement.

The Company’s ownership and management, all with multiple industry experience and forged by military and law enforcement backgrounds, brings an ability to find a “can do, will do” approach that is only limited by imagination. Our vast experience working in militarized and austere locations, providing both products and services, has allowed it to expand beyond its initial role to overseeing multiple companies working hand in hand to provide the best solutions for clients in any business, virtually anywhere in the world.

Our Diversified Companies

From Management and Consultancy in austere Environments to precision Manufacturing and state of the art Research and Development, our Companies provide turn-key Solutions in a quickly developing Era

Dari Concepts Logo

Dari Concepts

Dari Concepts is a veteran-owned, management-consulting firm that provides our clients with access to assets and holistic logistics services in some of the most complex environments across the globe. We assure both government and commercial clients that the technical, secure services they receive are conducted to the highest standards, supported by our offices within the Middle East, U.S, Africa, South America and the United Kingdom (UK).

Our History

Founded in 2011, after Dari’s senior executives left the military, our firm has received accolades for its support to the U.S. Military in providing services and delivering equipment critical to its contingency operations.

Our International Expertise

Dari’s leadership team has intimate knowledge of the operating environment within multiple foreign countries, with local geographical expertise as well as ongoing contact with a trusted network of local suppliers and vendors. With U.S. expat leadership operating from a Leadership Cell-based in the Middle East, Dari manages compliance with international and local laws and regulations, while effectively operating within the legal and environmental parameters of a foreign country. We have the global experience to confront common supply chain problems associated with the services we provide before they escalate.

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Cave Industries

With over 50 years industry experience, from design to manufacture, repairs and on-site services, we have built a team that will go the extra mile to meet your needs. Our aspirations are to be your first point of contact and to leave you, our clients, with the reassurance that we will provide you with a first class service.

Our company has been built due to global and other industries necessities for quality, trust, value, honesty and integrity. Delivering a quality service on time every time is what we at Cave Industries strive for in everything that we do. Some of our specialist engineering services include:

  • 3D Scanning
  • 3D Printing
  • State of the Art Machinery
  • Manufacturing and Repairs
  • Testing and Inspections

Cave Industries is part of the CAVE HOLDINGS USA group of companies who is able to offer its clients manufacturing and engineering solutions in several industrial sectors in some of the most challenging environments and can be contacted for individual projects designed for the client.

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EDGE Advanced Technology Solutions logo

EDGE Advanced Technology Solutions

EDGE is a research and development company that specializes in developing innovative solutions for challenging problems in diverse environments, from austere battlefields to space systems. By utilizing the expertise of our parent company, CAVE HOLDINGS USA, we push the boundaries of invention in the energy, defense, and space sectors. Some of our projects include:

  • Symmetric Strategic C-UAS
  • Flexible Manufacturing
  • Strategic Intelligence Gathering
  • Lunar and Orbital Manufacturing
  • Technical and Cyber Defense

EDGE is part of the CAVE HOLDINGS USA group of companies and develops novel solutions to complex problems in challenging and austere environments. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve success with our cutting-edge innovations.

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